My name is Brooklyn,

And I want to feel at “home.” I desire to feel at home in my body, my skin, and on the planet. Unfortunately, I don’t.

Which is why I have created this blog. Everyone can agree that it is time for an open discussion on race and how it relates to the world. By starting this discussion some people’s feathers may be metaphorically ruffled. Let me be clear, I am in no way attempting to further separate our world. At our heart we are all human.

However, our world is teetering on destruction.We have words left unspoken in matters of the human experience. Our collective fear has us bursting at the seams and I think it’s time to let some of the steam out. 

My intention is to share my experience as a cis Black  ‘womyn’ living in the “United States.” Pride and Prejudice will explore unanswered questions that seem to reside in us all. These questions include; Am I proud to be an American? Do I feel grateful for all this Black girl magic that I inherited? Do I believe that my life is truly defined by color of my skin? Is my life harder due to the fact that I am woman of color? The answers may seem obvious to some. For me they continue to present in more complicated forms.

Ultimately, this blog is an exploration into the unconscious beliefs that dictate society.

It questions reality.  How is it that we all seem to marvel at a beautiful flower; most of us find joy in the splendor of the setting sun; we all seem to find solace in the sounds of moving waves, and we all flutter internally at the feel of our first kiss.

And yet, I struggle to navigate culture. 

My hope is that through the creation of this work I will more deeply understand my relationship to race, the world, and to humanity. And maybe begin to learn what “home” is for me.

Welcome! May this blog create home for you too. Leave comments, likes, and subscribe. Let’s start a dialogue that culminates into the solution that makes our world a better place.



P.S. to better understand watch the following video: